Seven Dwarfs Mine train Simulation

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Our latest project is the Seven Dwarfs Mine train Simulation, which is created by Martijn & Randy (part of our simulation development team). This simulation will be programmed in HTML5.

This means this simulation can be played at almost all Operating Systems (including 'Smartphones', 'Gaming Platforms', & 'Tablets') , as long your browser supports a proper HTML5 interpretation. Seven Dwarfs Mine train Simulation, brings you to the magical place where the dwarfs work and take care of Snow white.

We are still working at the simulation, although we think it can be released to the public. Maybe new features can be added along the way.

Release: 2018 / Scoring: No / Background Music: No / Sound Effects: Yes 
 Platform: HTML5 Engine  / Play the Seven Dwarfs Mine train Simulation

Soarin HTML5 Simulation

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