Build a simulation or help us?

The development of a simulation (html5) takes a lot of time and effort. It is a process which is not easy to do and you need to have some programming and graphical skills.

Do not forget a little bit of magical pixie dust.. euh not... just hard work and a lot of testing involved. When building a sim, it's not simply draw a nice picture, but also the translation of real world actions, into programmable code. You have to take a lot of events into account, and take care of the timing. As for instance the latest sim: SDMT, where 3 trains are running on the track.

The project does not have to be that large and complicated, a start with a simple, yet entertaining setup is also very appreciated.


At this moment I'm using the following software to develop a simulation, but of course you can use other software as well:

- Adobe Animate CC
- Adobe Photoshop CC
- Adobe Dreamweaver CC

I am in the lucky position to have a University license, so I'm able to work with this software for a small amount of money, but there are loads of other (free) programs which can be used. Even notepad or Notepad++ can be used to build a html5 simulation. Beside JavaScript, I'm using the GSAP libraries to speed up the animations. The performance will vary, as every browser has it own javascript engine, and the performance of your device will also count.

Proposed Simulations

I know a lot of people have proposed a simulation, I'll try to state a list below:

- Disney's Animal Kingdom Pandora World of Avatar
- Disney EPCOT Ellen's Energy Adventure
- Mr Toads Wild Ride
- Pirates of the Carribbean

And many more suggestions, see

Currently working on a new simulation under the HTML5 coding.  Be sure to follow our social media accounts and look for the official hashtag: #TMNewSim for special sneak previews!


Of course you can contribute to a existing simulation or a new project. You can start a own project, and I will try to create a place at to display the simulation to the audience. As I'm located at the Netherlands, and probably 6 hours ahead of the US, communication will be more difficult, due to the time difference. Every piece of software can be used to build the sims!

If you want to build a new html5 simulation, and want to display this (beta) simulation, please let me know at buildasim [at]

BR, Martijn - webmaster