Introducing Ride Sims Simulations Exclusively For Themagical

24 Nov 2016 09:59 - 24 Nov 2016 10:01 #1 by Reighard

Ride Sims donates 'Disney Ride Simulations' to Themagical

Enhances simulation current lineup for Themagical, new keyboard brings newer experiences to similar simulations, intact all Ride Sims Disney simulation lineup from the (now) dysfunction Ride Sims website.

Ride Sims community members and fans of the website can continue playing their favorite 'Disney Ride Simulations' and finding out newer or similar simulations without the use of using keyboard.

Themagical pursues to create new simulations in the near future by using current software for development and HTML5 to potentially reach more mobile smartphones/tablets audience.

Official Statement from 'Ride Sims Facebook Fan Page':

(Friday September 23, 2016)

"Ride Operators, we are pleased to announce that you can carry on enjoying some of our simulations!
We have officially donated our simulations to our friends over at
At the moment we only have a few available as we have to go through each one individually and recode them to make it work.
Thank you for your patience."

Source Link: (Netherlands) and (United Kingdom) announced today that they entered into a definitive agreement under which Themagical will acquire 'Disney Ride Simulations'.

Themagical's acquisition of Ride Sims 'Disney Ride Simulations' provides both Ride Sims community and Themagical community to enjoy Ride Sims 'Disney Ride Simulations' from their now dysfunction website.

With this donation, Themagical will be the ONLY exclusive website to acquire and display Ride Sims Disney Ride Simulations. With the 'Official Seal' stamp marks it can only be played at website.

This new agreement provide Themagical community to enjoy new enhanced magic of playing their favorite simulation attraction by using a keyboard to operate the simulation. The Ride Sims community will enjoy newer simulations without the use of the keyboard to operate.

The 'Official Stamp' Ride Sims Donated to presents an agreement of those who are playing the simulation agrees to ONLY play at website and the exclusive rights to be played at Themagical.

With the duplication of similar ride attraction simulations, it brings a fresher way of playing a simulation with the use of a keyboard or mouse clicks.

Ride Sims team wishes the best for Themagical to continue of developing newer simulation experiences and learn fresher ways to bring our favorite Disney Ride Attractions to life. The Ride Sims team feels Themagical has a great community and hope Ride Sims community continues on playing their simulation games at a new home and community.
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