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25 Sep 2019 09:15 #7 by Salzian
Replied by Salzian on topic Creating sims
Thanks for the reply.

For Adobe Animate I'd need a subscription unfortunately. I was prototyping something quick with Unity shortly after I wrote my message. I was able to get some basic coaster movement using splines pretty quickly. I may try to pursue this approach in the next months and let you know about the developments. I'm of course targeting the WebGL platform to get it to run in a browser.

If I would be able to build a cool sim, what would be the requirenments for hosting them here? I won't be able to achieve a similar artstyle due to my limited knowledge on 2D art, but im thinking about low poly 3D (maybe rendered to sprites for performance) or voxel art. Would this be too far from the "themagical" spirit or are you open to new approaches?

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