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Hello all,

This is the 'official' social section where you can discuss and share your thoughts on our 'future' upcoming simulations for Themagical! The section of this post will be update to reflect upcoming 'future' simulations.

Please don't post other area's of the forums about 'new simulations/when this simulation will be out', thank you!
**Notice: This page will be 'Regularity Updated' with the latest information available:

Update: 04/24/2021 Introducing the all-new #HTML5 " #TMNewSim Shanghai Disneyland TRON Simulation" :
- Shanghai Disneyland TRON Simulation   Released: April 24, 2021

Update 04/02/2019: Simulations Release Dates
- Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Simulation Being updated due to bug fixes/possible additional features.


Be sure to look for our official hashtag #TMNewSim on our social media platforms for additional teasers that's not shown on this website.

Until Then,

Themagical Team
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