New HTML5 Simulation

12 Jun 2017 21:19 #1 by geminitijn
geminitijn created the topic: New HTML5 Simulation
Hi all!

I am working a few months on a html5 simulation. Progression is slow, as to be honest, it's very very difficult to debug a kind of sim. Within Flash it was straightforward, and I'm know how to work with ActionScript 3.0, but with the collection of languages, styles etc who make up html5, i'ts a royal pain in the ...

At this moment I'm using Adobe Animate to create the sim, assisted with the GSAP libaries GSAP info , but performance lags. When there is 1 typo, it's just show a plain white page, without any source code.... sigh

So I'm not progressing very much :(

Is there anyone, with css and javascript experience around who is willing to help? it would be great to see if we're able to speed up the development.

BR, Martijn

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Yesterday 17:57 #2 by CMack_03
CMack_03 replied the topic: New HTML5 Simulation
I don't have any experience but would like to help you!B) B)

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