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As many you've know by now that "RideSims.com" has been closed since September 2016 and many of you've been wondering what happened to the rest of the simulations after the 'donation to exclusively for Themagical' transaction.

We have spoke to the creator of RideSim's website and from our talks with him, these are the simulations that he gave for us. Notice: This is the complete simulation list of 'RideSim's Simulation Collection'. Keep in mind that due to the nature of the copyrights, Themagical may not be able to upload RideSim's simulation(s) and the request from the RideSims's owner for not to be online. Color Chart: Blue - Unknown/Not Confirmed, Green - Confirmed for Themagical , Yellow - Recoding for Themagical , Red - Unable to be uploaded due to copyright.

RideSim's Official Simulation Collection List: **Notice: This list will be updated once approval from RideSims's creator. Please refer this list for further updates! Updated: 12/09/2017

- Air
- Alton Towers Monorail
- Apocalypse
- Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
- Big Thunder Railroad
- California Screamin
- Crush Coaster
- Dinosaur
- Helix
- Jaws
- Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure
- Matterhorn Bobsleds
- Maverick
- Mystic Manor
- Nemesis Sub Terra
- Phantom Manor
- Radiator Spring Racers
- Revenge Of The Mummy
- Ripsaw
- Rita
- Rock-N-Rollercoaster
- Rush
- Saw-The Ride
- Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster
- Sonic Spinball
- Space Mountain - Hong Kong Version
- Space Mountain 2
- Splash Mountain
- Star Tours- The Adventures Continue
- Steeple Chase
- Storm Force 10
- Swarm
- Test Track 1
- Test Track 2.0
- The Flying Dutchman
- The Smiler
- Thirteen
- Tower Of Terror
- Vampire
- Walt Disney World Railroad
- X- No Way Out
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