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Did you think managing a attraction was easy? Not at all, as there is a lot to take care of and of course: keep the people happy :) Do not let the lines grow to long and try to give as much people as possible a great ride experience. Good luck!

Tower of Terror
Disney Hollywood Studios
Mission Space
Epcot - WDW
Rock 'n Rollercoaster
Walt Disney Studios
Peter Pan's Flight
Parc Disneyland
Space Mountain
Parc Disneyland
Big Thunder Mountain
Parc Disneyland
Expedition Everest
Animal Kingdom
Millionaire Play It!
Disney Hollywood Studios
Phantom Manor
Parc Disneyland
Grizzly River Run
California Adventure
Epcot - WDW
Steel Force
Dorney Park - PA
RS - Big Thunder Mountain
Parc Disneyland
RS - California Screamin
California Adventure
RS - Crush Coaster
Walt Disney Studios
RS - Matterhorn Bobsleds
RS - Rock 'n Rollercoaster
Walt Disney Studios
RS - Space Mountain 2
Parc Disneyland
RS - Test Track
Epcot - WDW
RS - Tower Of Terror
Walt Disney Studios
RS - Phantom Manor
Parc Disneyland
RS - Helix
RS - Maverick
Cedar Point - OH
RS - Apocalypse
Drayton Manor - UK

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    • Patrick5380's Avatar
    • Mystic Manor Simulation
    • Did Somebody knows if the Mystic Manor Simulation will be added to the simulation list at themagical? In my opinion the...
    • 25 Jun 2017 12:24
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    • Blue fire mega coaster
    • Yup, would be a great one. I haven't made a simulation of a German attraction, due to the fact that they're very strict...
    • 12 Jun 2017 21:12
    • geminitijn's Avatar
    • Splash Mountain
    • Hey guys, I haven't heard from a Splash Mountain update for a while, and I'm note sure if it will be released, as it...
    • 12 Jun 2017 21:10


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