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Managing a attraction a easy task? Not at all, there is a lot to take care of and: keep the people happy :) Do not let the lines grow to long and try to give as much people as possible a great ride experience. Good luck!

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    • Simulators not working (1 Posts)
    • Hello, I've been trying to play the Phatom Manor simulator for the past couple of days. Unfortunately, I've been unable to play the simulation. I do have the ruffle extension installed, but there...
    • In Simulations / Flash Simulations
    • by Bmanbull
    • 19 Jan 2021 00:24
    • Simulations Not Working (2 Posts)
    • Hi Shellslayer, The simulation will be available, only the browser technology probably will stop supporting the flash games within one month. Concering the Soarin Sim, I will try to look into the...
    • In Simulations / Flash Simulations
    • by geminitijn
    • 17 Jan 2021 19:27
    • Joomla Arcade Component (1 Posts)
    • Hi all, I am using the Joomla arcade component: JVarcade (before: PU arcade), but sadly it is not maintaned any more. Does anyone has a good option to move to? I would like to expand the scoring options.
    • In Themagical.nl / Themagical News
    • by geminitijn
    • 29 Dec 2020 15:28

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