Simulation Showcase

Expedition Everest Simulation
Played 354906 times
Highscore: 10893
Tower of Terror Simulation
Played 340426 times
Highscore: 8834
Big Thunder Mountain Simulation
Played 307090 times
Highscore: 9798

Phantom Manor Simulation
Played 209703 times
Highscore: 7482
Space Mountain Simulation
Played 145966 times
Highscore: Not available
Millionaire Play It Simulation
Played 120499 times
Highscore: Not available

Rock n Rollercoaster
Played 87854 times
Highscore: Not available
Peter Pan Simulation
Played 81564 times
Highscore: Not available
Mission Space Simulation
Played 66079 times
Highscore: Not available

Statistics: Total times played: 1,714,087, since 2006!
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